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Pregnancy Massage
Etheric Self Remedial Massage reception

soulful healing,
individual care

Hi, I'm Jackie.

Healing through massage is something I'm so passionate about.

I see women in pain almost every day. Women who've been told by their doctor or obstetrician that nothing can be done to ease the pain. They've been given no hope, no relief and in most instances have been made to feel that the pain they're in is something to put up with, to tolerate or manage somehow with no real help.

Pain is common, but there's always hope. I've seen massage do some amazing things! Women who've barely been able to walk into the massage studio have been pain free walking out. Massage isn't just for luxurious relaxation, it has a practical purpose to help your body heal and to stay well.


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all bodies are welcome here
 All bodies are welcome here.
Etheric Self is an LGBTQIA+ safe space. 

Consent, respect and the safety of your body is of utmost importance at Etheric Self Remedial Massage. You will always be welcome to decline any part of the treatment at any time. 

    A proudly South Australian owned and operated inclusive business, located on Kaurna land in the northwest of Adelaide. 

this is what we're listening to in the studio

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