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Remedial massage west lakes seaton adelaide

Hi I'm Jackie.

Welcome to the massage studio.

M&MA Member since 2014
massage myotherapy australia adelaide

I've seen so many women in agony from all different types of pain.

Women told by their Dr 'just take these really strong painkillers (and hope it goes away)'.

And pregnant women with chronic belly pain, hip pain, or sciatic type pain that have been told to 'just put up with it, it'll go away once the baby is born'.


Well not on my watch baby!

While pain in pregnancy is very common, it's not normal and shouldn't be accepted as something to just survive, or suffer through.

Pain is the body's way of telling us to pay attention.

It's my job to figure out why you're in pain and use my awesome muscle relaxing skills to reduce the pain and destress the nervous system. 

My focus is on the remedial aspect of massage while making sure that I work with your body, gently and respectfully, allowing your body to guide my actions so you can fully relax and destress.

Whether you have chronic migraines, sciatic pain that comes and goes, are pregnant or not, working full time or staying home every day with your babies, massage is for every body.

Registered Nurturelife Practitioner
Pregnancy Massage Australia Nurturelife Practitioner Adelaide
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