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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is for every stage of pregnancy and postpartum.

Massage can reduce swelling, decrease pain, stress, anxiety, fatigue and muscular tension creating a

much more comfortable pregnancy experience.
Talk to us about massage if you have pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis disfunction, rib pain, sciatic pain,

round ligament pain or restless and crampy legs.

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Pregnancy Massage

Every pregnant woman deserves as much massage as she wants throughout her pregnancy and postpartum. 

Massage is an amazing way to relieve all sorts of pain

from mild to severe, improve sleep,

decrease depression & anxiety and help create a wonderful

connection between mum and baby. 

Pregnancy is a time of great change to the body.

Sciatica, symphysis pubis dysfunction, headaches & migraines, carpal tunnel and neck & shoulder pain are all common during pregnancy.

However all of these issues can be relieved with specialist trained massage therapy.


Mobile Pregnancy Massage

Mobile massage for pregnancy is only offered as a limited service during postpartum and 3rd trimester for selected clients. Please call or email to enquire about availability. POA


Postpartum Massage

Massage during the postpartum period should be just as comfortable and easy as during pregnancy. Bring baby with you during those early weeks if you feel comfortable doing so. 

Gentle yet effective massage

Professional and thorough massage. Treatment has helped with neck and shoulder pain in a gentle yet effective massage.

Kristy Q.

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